Easily manage stateful and stateless workloads, anywhere — on-premises, cloud, and edge

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Solve every Kubernetes challenge at once

Modernizing your data center is a challenge filled with hazards — management complexity, lost data, downtime, runaway costs, manual migrations, fragmented tools, and more. With Diamanti, overcome each of these challenges simultaneously with a complete software stack and management platform for Kubernetes storage, networking, and orchestration.

The only turnkey platform for Kubernetes

With container management, storage, networking, data availability, backup, and disaster recovery, Diamanti has you covered for every Kuberentes use case. Diamanti works with every major Kubernetes platform.
Supporting the most common data service providers, Diamanti ensures your architecture and ecosystem has the full support of a purpose-built solution that is secure, reliable, and high-availability — now and in the future.

Supercharge any Kubernetes use case

WIth the proven fastest SQL performance and lowest TCO in the industry, Diamanti supercharges any Kubernetes project on a robust platform you can trust. Using Diamanti, enterprises have:

  • Reduced TCO for Kubernetes deployments by 70% 
  • Seen guaranteed performance with >1M IOPs per node
  • Shrunk their hardware footprint by 80%