A unified Kubernetes solution for AWS, EKS, and bare metal

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Easily manage Kubernetes with integrated storage and networking for hybrid cloud

Many enterprises use AWS and AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to deploy and manage conterized workloads. Yet, it can be a significant challenge for enterprises to manage Kubernetes instances across on-premises or virtualized and AWS-based Kubernetes clusters — including the networking and storage functionality needed to support applications. 

Diamanti provides true unified support to easily manage containerized workloads across AWS instances and bare metal. Moreover, with high-performance storage and networking built-in, it has never been easier to supercharge performance, simplify management, and eliminate noisy neighbor problems for your cloud-native applications.

Full-stack Kubernetes support for AWS and Diamanti

With Diamanti, easily manage every cloud-based, virtualized, and on-premises Kubernetes distribution with Diamanti Spektra. Or, manage them natively with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) — and deliver guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for storage and networking with the purpose-built Diamanti container storage interface (CSI) and container networking interface (CNI). 

Run containers on the most popular platforms

With Diamanti, you get fully integrated storage and networking on a simplified platform. Benefit from features like integrated volume snapshots, backup, disaster recovery, synchronous mirroring, secure volume support, intelligent PV placement across availability zones, and more as you build and scale your containerized applications.

Faster applications, lower cost, and simplified management

Leading organizations use Diamanti to manage Kuberenetes, storage, and networking on AWS. With Diamanti, enterprises can gain:

  • Up to 30X faster performance for I/O intensive applications
  • >1M IOPS per node and <100ms latency
  • 80% reduction in TCO
  • 80% reduction in hardware footprint
  • Unified management and support for AWS and Diamanti