Transform your Financial Services environment with Diamanti

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Diamanti for financial services

Simplify Kubernetes management and supercharge performance.

The financial services industry is embracing containerization and cloud-native application development as a way to supercharge innovation and deliver faster and more reliable digital services to customers. As enterprises modernize their data center and transition to the cloud, however, they are encountering challenges — management complexity, fragmented tools for management, storage and networking, manual processes, lost data, downtime, runaway costs and more. 

With Diamanti, financial services organizations can solve these challenges at once, on a single comprehensive platform built for Kubernetes.

A simple, secure, high-performance platform for containerized workloads

From multi-cluster container management, integrated storage and networking, data availability, backup, disaster recovery, and more, financial services organizations gain full support for any Kubernetes-based workload with Diamanti. With a complete cloud-native software stack and management platform for containers and Kubernetes, Diamanti provides IT teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads and supercharging their modern business strategy. 

Diamanti works with every major Kubernetes platform. 


Supporting the most common data service providers, Diamanti ensures your architecture and partner ecosystem has the full support of a purpose-built solution that is secure, reliable, and highly available.


Proven results from industry-leading Financial Services organization

With Diamanti, financial services organizations can supercharge their Kubernetes journey. Leveraging Diamanti, one Fortune 50 bank was able to:

  • See guaranteed performance with 1M IOPs per node
  • Shrink its hardware footprint by 16x
  • Achieve $14M in TCO savings
  • Realize 23x faster development