Transforming the
Electrical Grid

Accelerate GE GridOS Deployments with Diamanti UA, a turn-key Kubernetes appliance for NERC-CIP environments

​​Transforming today’s electrical grid for a clean energy future is an incredibly complex undertaking in which a wide range of digital solutions — cloud-native, Al, ML IoT — are all playing a critical role. GE Vernova {an independent energy company spun off from GE} has taken a leadership position in this transition with the introduction of its cloud native Grid Orchestration Software — GridOS. Utilities such as NextEra Energy — a leading utility holding company that is the world’s largest producer of renewable energy — are Implementing GridOS on Diamanti Kubernetes platforms.

Many Apps

Each data service has its own operational practices, but hiring specialists or buying support agreements for each is prohibitively expensive.

Many Environments

Containers solve the infrastructure differences between clouds and on-prem data centers for compute, but don't address the challenges of running stateful apps in different environments.

Uncontrolled Self-service

Developers want self-service, but you can't risk giving up control of corporate policies like security, data retention, backups, and more.

The Challenge

GridOS — Meeting the Needs of the Modem Electrical Grid

Utilities process vast amounts of data every moment, but this data tends to be highly siloed. That makes it difficult to access when and where it is needed using traditional monolithic architectures. GE Vernova created the GridOS software platform to help utilities break down these silos.

GridOS brings together elements of smart grid technologies and cloud native architectures, enabling utilities to quickly implement new applications and address critical challenges at scale.

In developing GridOS, it was quickly determined that traditional IT approaches — such as monolithic applications and legacy virtualization technologies — would not meet those rapidly evolving requirements:


Adapting monolithic applications – or incorporating a new technology such as an IoT monitoring solution – often required duplicating the entire application instance, which is highly inefficient if only one part of the application needs to be adapted.


Solutions implemented on traditional virtual machines typically have multiple layers of I/0 stack that are vulnerable to suboptimal performance or outright failure when data traffic spikes dramatically, such as during the hours leading up to a severe weather event or during an actual power outage.


Traditional solutions typically require multiple technologies and vendors, resulting in larger footprint, bloated licensing costs, vendor lock-ins, eventually contributing to high total cost of ownership.


In traditional solutions, implementing modern zero trust approaches to security are typically bolt-ons and are not core to the architecture. And when modernizing applications, stringent NERC-CIP requirements and ability to work in air-gapped environments become table-stakes.

The Solution
GridOS and Diamanti's Ultima Platform

Instead of getting locked into traditional programming and hosting approaches, GridOS utilizes
Kubernetes containers making it an ideal application for implementation on a Diamanti platform.

Turnkey Solutions

Diamanti offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions for Kubernetes that enable utilities to make a seamless transition to GridOS without enforcing any vendor lock-ins. Diamanti solutions for on-premises (our Ultima Accelerator HCl Kubernetes appliance) or in the cloud (our Ultima Enterprise software platform) both come fully equipped with a CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution, advanced storage & networking features and a comprehensive multi-cluster management stack.

Flexibility & Portability

With Diamanti solutions, utilities can choose to run GridOS on-premises or in the cloud, maximizing portability for cost and business requirements, without sacrificing consistency.

​Enhanced Performance

Diamanti solutions are designed for the demanding performance requirements of the electrical grid. Through the use of innovative acceleration and off-loading technologies, Diamanti Ultima Accelerator takes I/0 performance to a new level, meeting guaranteed SLAs while significantly reducing data center footprint.


Built on Diamanti's proven Kubernetes-native architecture, utilities can rapidly deploy, maintain, and scale GridOS dynamically based on demand. Diamanti has a proven track record of meeting the challenge of a large customer base in hurricane sensitive states such as Florida.

Improved Outage Management

With its cloud-native architecture, high I/0 throughput and low latencies, Diamanti not only simplifies the deployment of key GridOS applications like Foundation and Storm Assist, which are key in managing operations and also help make the overall system more responsive for outage management.

Proven Savings

By eliminating expensive licensing (e.g. VMware, Oracle and other proprietary solutions) and reducing infrastructure, Diamanti has a proven track record of delivering sustained ROl year over year. This example shows Diamanti delivering savings of 39% when transitioning from VMware to our on-premises Ultima Accelerator solution.

​​High Availability

Diamanti extends the self-healing capabilities of Kubernetes with advanced data services through its storage and network plugins. Features like mirroring, asynchronous replication and DR ensure that both, stateless and stateful applications can meet the stringent High Availability requirements and provide resiliency against node/data-center failures.


Diamanti works with the data service providers that are most popular in the energy sector, including open source solutions such as Postgres.
Kubernetes supports a wide range of tools and extensions, enabling GridOS to integrate with other systems and enhance its functionality.

Advanced Security Features

GridOS together with Diamanti employ a zero-trust security model, ensuring robust security and authentication for applications and users. Diamanti periodically runs & publishes NERC-CIP and PEN test reports to ensure its platform continues to conform to industry's highest security standards. Security capabilities are further extended to:
  • Role-based access control
  • Backups & ransomware protection for backups
  • Volume encryption

Enterprise Support & Services

With a 24/7 follow-the-sun model for support and a large team of qualified resident engineers for services, Diamanti has the resources utilities can count on to take full advantage of modernization without tying up expensive in-house resources.

Support and services for installation, migration, upgrades, performance tuning and other Day-2 operations help ensure the transition to Kubernetes is faster, smoother and provides an ongoing contribution to the business goals of today’s power companies.