Solution: CI/CD Pipeline

Seamless DevOps experience from development to production

The Challenge

  • Implement continuous integration with 100,000 daily tests with varying functional and performance needs
  • Ensure long-running and critical-path tests are executed promptly and reliably
  • Grow Docker test automation overhead slower than development costs to improve productivity

Diamanti Benefits

  • Deploy and scale thousands of high-performance tests with automated compute, network, and storage
  • Prioritize and accelerate critical tests with independent I/O control per test
  • Maximize Docker test execution with high-density, multi-tenant test instances per container

Diamanti Solution

  • Deploy consistent Docker and Kubernetes images across development and production
  • “Sandbox” each test with network segmentation and performance isolation
  • Persistent Docker container storage for long-term log and test output retention
  • Temporary Docker container storage for test generation and execution
  • Simulate varying operational scenarios with software-defined network and storage
  • Grant access to specific test resources and output by team, role, and responsibility
  • Protect long-running tests with data protection and guaranteed throughput

Continuous integration with Docker and Kubernetes


“Diamanti’s container appliance assists us to rapidly validate new features
and software updates in the context of realistic environments, ultimately
allowing MemSQL to out-innovate other distributed databases.”

Carl Sverre, Principal Architect, MemSQL

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Simplifying container networking

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