Easily run Splunk on Kubernetes, in any environment

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What is Splunk?

Splunk is a critical enterprise tool for monitoring and searching machine-generated data — from IT systems, cloud-based workloads and business objects. Of course, Splunk is only as valuable as the volume of data that it can ingest and search. 

With Diamanti, you can simply and easily deploy, manage and scale any Splunk application on Kubernetes — while dramatically improving index latency for greater data ingestion and lowering the overall cost of running Splunk.


Deploy scalable and lightning-quick Splunk applications anywhere

Enterprise teams need an easy way to stand up Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security environments across on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud environments — all while boosting performance to improve data ingestion and get more out of their data. IT teams also need an easy way to test, patch and upgrade Splunk environments to achieve greater time-to-value.  With Diamanti, you can deliver scalable, highly performant Splunk applications in any environment on bare-metal or cloud-based Kubetnetes infrastructure. 

Delivering over 1M IOPs per node, Diamanti lets developers supercharge their database with an industry-leading quality of service, while granting the operational simplicity and ease of use of the only comprehensive end-to-end platform.

Supercharge performance with Diamanti + Splunk

Enterprises trust Diamanti to supercharge any Splunk application on Kubernetes. Using Diamanti, enterprises running Splunk have been able to:

  • Reduce indexing speeds by <24x, at 1TB per hour with just 16 indexers
  • Lower TCO by <80%
  • Achieve > 1M IOPS per node
  • Build their own super-performant Splunk-as-a-Service