Container network storage

Solution: Container Network and Storage

Automated, converged I/O with Docker, Kubernetes and
Zero-effort integration

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The Challenge

  • Deploy Docker containers on existing data center networks
  • Provide persistent storage for any Docker containers
  • Scale multi-tier applications without overhead of disparate infrastructure silos
Diamant benefits

Diamanti Benefits

  • Container network segmentation with existing Ethernet and VLANs using Docker, Kubernetes
  • Mirrored block storage volumes accessible by any container with guaranteed IOPS
  • Operate many workloads on the same cluster with predictable performance

Diamanti Solution

Diamanti Solution illustration
  • Enforce network and storage management across DevOps or domain owners
  • Compute, network, and storage performance monitoring
  • Scale compute, network, storage capacity for all containers without silos
  • Native Kubernetes and Docker interfaces without code changes
  • Selectable network segmentation per Docker container using existing networks
  • Persistent storage for each Docker container with reliable data protection
  • Deploy Docker containers with consistent access to network and storage

Docker networking and storage services with guaranteed service levels

“Diamanti is targeting operational requirements for containers with an integrated
platform offering simplified container networking and persistent storage, while
guaranteeing service levels for stateful applications.”

Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst at 451 Research

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Simplifying container networking

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