MemSQL’s Psyduck, an infinitely scalable test system, uses large amounts of RAM and processor cores. The project initially started on standalone servers. When the manual processes of maintaining the servers and tests became a burden, MemSQL moved to VMs. Each VM ran its own test and provided a reproducible environment.

VMs Are Slow to Start

Although MemSQL saw enormous benefits by using VMs compared to standalone servers, it wasn’t enough to scale their test infrastructure to meet the needs of continuous integration. As the number of VMs increased rapidly, MemSQL ran into performance problems with the time taken for VMs to start. VMs take much longer to start than containers. Containers brought MemSQL the isolation benefits of VMs without the heavy startup penalties.

Storage and Networking Are Different in Docker Containers

Docker containers, on their own, have limited networking and no persistent storage capabilities, which limited MemSQL’s ability to accurately validate customer operational scenarios. Like most organizations, it is nearly impossible to keep purchasing hardware just to meet every scenario, resulting in reduced test coverage and limiting the effectiveness of a DevOps continuous integration flow.

Effective Container Network and Storage Management at Scale

As MemSQL continued to scale, they next looked for help with the networking and storage challenges of Docker containers.

In large scale container deployments like Psyduck, the Docker containers need to be managed properly so they don’t claim I/O resources too aggressively. Containers can run into “noisy neighbor” problems, which increase with workload density and resource utilization.

Building an infinitely scalable test automation platform

Phase Infrastructure Problem
1 Standalone server Manual process for server and system management; low utilization
2 VM Slow startup times of VM; hypervisor performance overhead
3 Containers Storage and network interference between containers with “noisy neighbors”
4 Diamanti Automated container management, guarantees for container, network and storage service levels.

Diamanti Guarantees Container Service Levels

MemSQL incorporated Diamanti into Psyduck using their existing test software to automate container management and provide guarantees for container network and storage service levels. The result is an automated test system that rapidly verifies new code with realistic customer scenarios..

A scalable test automation system is critical to a successful continuous integration DevOps process. To be competitive in today’s digital economy, businesses need to be agile and that means moving software projects into production continuously. It’s a new world, but Diamanti will help you get there.

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