Securing Enterprise Kubernetes – User and Resource Management

Kubernetes security becomes important for enterprises as larger teams collaborate on shared Kubernetes clusters. How can you control who does what? In this webinar we will show how Kubernetes helps manage the administrative boundaries across users and resources sharing a common cluster. We will see how features like namespaces and role-based access control (RBAC) allow users to share or isolate resources. We will also see how Diamanti enhances Kubernetes security.

Diamanti brings to market the first appliance purpose-built for containerized applications that combines the ease of hyperconverged infrastructure with the unparalleled performance and efficiency of bare-metal containers.

Diamanti. Dev done fast. Ops done right™


  • Set administrative boundaries across Kubernetes resources and users
  • Control who can authenticate to Kubernetes with local or LDAP credentials
  • Control authorization policies with namespaces, RBAC, and user groups
  • Control resource allocation with admission control with resource quotas