Diamanti Platform Delivers 27x Greater Throughput for MongoDB in Hybrid Cloud

IDC recently validated benchmark testing results of MongoDB running on the Diamanti platform and the Diamanti platform running in a hybrid cloud managed by MongoDB Atlas. From the results, they were able to conclude the following:

“The Diamanti platform, an integrated solution designed for modern containerized applications, can offer an easy way for enterprises to deploy Kubernetes and host stateful workloads like MongoDB with high levels of performance because of its optimized storage and networking subsystem that feature I/O offload.”

Read the report from IDC to learn their key findings, including:

– A comparison of operations per second between a MongoDB cluster provisioned in the public cloud and on a Diamanti cluster

– The throughput and latency observed when running on the Diamanti platform

– The simplicity of managing MongoDB in a hybrid cloud with Diamanti

In addition, get advice from IDC about considerations for Kubernetes and containers.

PS: Don’t have time to read the full report, check out the Preview Summary of the Report.

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