Do You Have What It Takes To Run Database-as-a-Service On Kubernetes?

Deploying new database instances for any environment can be a complex, time consuming process. The coordination it requires to keep software up-to-date and account for storage & networking resources can easily stretch out provisioning to multiple weeks.

Learn how Diamanti helped a large international bank deliver Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) capabilities to their internal teams, not only drastically reducing the time it took to provision an application but also accelerated their migration from traditional Oracle and Sybase data stores to Postgres, an open source object-relational databases. This shift to open source database systems powered by Diamanti reduced infrastructure & licensing costs, improved performance and enabled their internal teams to take advantage of containers and application-centric abstractions.

Diamanti brings to market the first appliance purpose-built for containerized applications that combines the ease of hyperconverged infrastructure with the unparalleled performance and efficiency of bare-metal containers.


  • Deployment of a Containerized Database application in seconds
  • Self-service creation of persistent storage volumes and automated networking
  • Define and enforce network and storage quality-of-service to guarantee performance even during high throughput situations