Diamanti Ultima is a Kubernetes data plane solution for both on-premises and public cloud environments. It features container-optimized networking and storage layers with integrated data services, advanced CNI and CSI plugins, and I/O acceleration technology to provide a highly scalable, high performance solution. Watch the demos below to learn more.


High Performance with Diamanti Ultima Data Plane Software Demo

In this session, we demonstrate the high performance aspects of Ultima. Ultima’s patented I/O technology gives the highest throughput per node, lowest uniform latency and eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem. The data plane offers configurable performance tiers for both network and storage that enable organizations to guarantee minimum performance requirements for specific applications.


Diamanti Ultima Data Plane for OpenShift Demo

In this session, we introduce the Diamanti Ultima Data Plane capabilities for applications running on Red Hat OpenShift. The powerful combination of Diamanti and Red Hat OpenShift offers the performance, simplicity, security features and availability that enterprises need to run high-performance stateful applications in production.