Cloud Native Goes Mainstream

Legacy virtualized IT infrastructure isn’t architected for the way that cloud-native applications consume compute, network, and storage resources. Kubernetes, containers, and microservices architecture are fundamentally transforming the way that enterprise applications are developed and run. 

In this on-demand webinar, John Abbott, Distinguished Co-Founder and Analyst at 451 Research and Tom Barton, CEO, Diamanti discuss hybrid computing (both on premises and cloud computing), industry trends, economics and business models that are driving enterprise cloud transformation to reinvent the IT Industry.


  • Key industry findings from an exclusive 451 research report that was recently released at the 2019 Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit
  • Modernizing mission-critical applications for the digital era, while 90% of applications don’t use containers, 95% of new applications do
  • How Diamanti Customers are adopting containers, Kubernetes and cloud native technologies