Postgres to Production in Seconds on Kubernetes

Container adaption is increasing 40% every year. Postgres is the most popular database and fifth most popular application for containerization. Modern application architecture expects databases to be highly available, easily scalable and quickly recoverable. Containerization can help Postgres to overcome these hurdles but orchestration, persistent storage, effective networking and recoverability are still pain points. Can we simplify the deployment of a Postgres cluster to be production ready in seconds? Let’s see how we can utilize Kuberentes and Diamanti to achieve that.

Diamanti brings to market the first appliance purpose-built for containerized applications that combines the ease of hyperconverged infrastructure with the unparalleled performance and efficiency of bare-metal containers. Dev Done Fast. Ops Done Right.™


  • Deploy Postgres cluster in seconds
  • Quick recovery from failures to maintain full capacity
  • Guaranteed availability, scalability, and reliability
  • Simplified storage and networking