Diamanti Ultima

Kubernetes data plane for hybrid clouds

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High performance data plane solutions

Diamanti Ultima is a Kubernetes data plane solution for both on-premises and public cloud environments. It features a container-optimized storage layer with integrated data services, advanced CNI and CSI plugins, and I/O acceleration technology to provide a highly scalable, high performance solution.

Container-native data plane

The purpose-built data plane includes a container-aware storage system that delivers granular controls over an application’s performance and data policies. Developers and operators can deploy, migrate and protect their applications with guaranteed, consistent low latency.

The Best Solution for Stateful Apps

Fully-integrated storage layer connects applications and volumes to support stateful app migration across clusters.

Advanced CNI and CSI Plugins

Integrated plugins adjust network and storage resource allocations across a cluster, delivering advanced capabilities.

Integrated Data Services

Backup applications, support synchronous and asynchronous replication for secure and highly available Kubernetes environments.

Patented networking and storage offload

Diamanti Ultima includes I/O acceleration technology delivered by a pair of second generation PCIe cards. These cards, when integrated with supported x86 servers, offload I/O processing from the CPU to deliver 10x to 30x greater performance and consistency with deterministic low latency.

Key Benefits

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Provision and attach Kubernetes clusters in the public cloud and centrally manage them from a single console.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Provide secure isolation between multiple teams and projects. Operate enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) at scale.

Application Freedom Across Clouds

Deploy, manage and migrate applications across clusters and across a hybrid cloud from a single control plane.

>95% CPU utilization

Offloading storage and networking I/O frees the CPU and memory resources to power your applications.

1 Million IOPS Per Node

Cloud-native storage architecture powers your data-intensive workloads and delivers dramatically improved performance.

Consistency and Control

Policy-based QoS guarantees maintain consistently high performance and low latency while eliminating noisy neighbors.

Key Benefits

Application Freedom Across Clouds

Deploy and migrate stateful applications and their volumes across clusters

High Performance

I/O optimized storage layer and NVMe storage deliver high IOPs at low latency

Fully Integrated, Turnkey Solution

Rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes with an all-in-one solution that has been tested and validated.

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