Diamanti’s D10 bare-metal container platform gives infrastructure architects, IT operations, and application owners the speed, simplicity, efficiency, and control they need to run stateful containerized applications at scale.

With open-source Docker and Kubernetes fully integrated, together with purpose-built hardware and container-granular control, the Diamanti D10 is a proven full container stack that deploys in minutes.

Infrastructure Architected for Containers

Diamanti’s virtualized approach to network and storage traffic management addresses the unique requirements of stateful containerized applications. At the same time, Diamanti delivers unmatched resource utilization — up to 90% — across the entire cluster. No other container stack achieves such a small data center footprint.

Plug-and-play Networking

Containers have their own unique concept of port mappings, overlays, and bandwidth requirements that create a host of interoperability challenges. Diamanti eliminates these configuration roadblocks with networking that plugs into existing VLANs and DNS. Each container is automatically allocated an IP address and can reside on any subnet.

Fast NVMe-based Persistent Storage

Legacy scale-up storage arrays don’t fit modern scale-out containers. Delivering performance of databases and key value stores at scale to containers has ops teams scrambling to deliver persistent storage. The Diamanti D10 meets the storage needs of your stateful applications with low-latency NVMe block storage, delivering 100-microsecond read/write latency. Diamanti extends NVMe across the cluster using standard 10Gb Ethernet, offering data mobility without compromise.

Seamless Scalability

Easily scale the Diamanti container stack to a three-node cluster that delivers over 2.4 million IOPS with sub-millisecond latency.

24×7 Enterprise-class Support

Diamanti is your single support point of contact for your container stack, allowing you to focus on developing applications instead of building and maintaining infrastructure.

Diamanti OS:
Full Container Stack Management, Simplified

Diamanti OS is your portal to deploying and managing your Diamanti bare-metal container stack. With access via browser, CLI or REST API, Diamanti OS offers users a rich set of container configuration capabilities, resource management features, and detailed real-time dashboards.

Container-granular Quality of Service (QoS)

Guarantee real-time service levels for application containers across compute, network, and storage resources.

Multi-tenant Isolation

Diamanti OS automates control of container isolation boundaries, eliminating noisy neighbors and ensuring predictable performance.

Detailed Real-time Monitoring

Monitor cluster nodes and application containers with intuitive dashboards that depict overall compute resource consumption, network utilization, and storage performance and capacity.

Secure Access

Diamanti OS leverages secure communication via TLS certificates. Users can also authenticate via LDAP and Active Directory.


Diamanti OS enables role-based access control (RBAC) to regulate access to resources within the environment.

Open-source Flexibility

Diamanti provides open-source, vendor-agnostic interfaces for networking and storage, and is committed to enabling users with as many choices as possible in how their cloud-native applications are deployed. With open-source Docker and Kubernetes included, there is no vendor lock-in.

We are a proud member of the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Our team of infrastructure experts has contributed networking and storage scheduler extensions for Kubernetes, and will continue to make valuable contributions to the community.

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