Diamanti Accelerates Continuous Integration Pipeline at MemSQL with New Container Networking and Storage Capabilities

Operational database leader runs high volume, automated testing with beta of industry’s first appliance that converges container networking and storage

LINUXCON, TORONTO — (Marketwired – August 22, 2016) — Diamanti, creators of the industry’s first purpose-built turnkey container appliance that brings guaranteed networking and storage performance levels to Linux containers, announced today at LinuxCon that MemSQL has joined Diamanti’s beta program to achieve high-volume, consistent test automation for their continuous integration (CI) pipeline.

CI is a popular development methodology that validates code with automated build and test processes to quickly identify and resolve defects. While CI dramatically improves developer productivity, organizations often find that high-volume automated testing creates computing challenges that require customized test platform environments.

MemSQL, a leading database platform provider for real-time analytics, is at the forefront of CI and automated verification. MemSQL began its verification cluster with several Linux nodes in the earliest days of the company and has since expanded to hundreds of servers powering thousands of tests per hour to maintain very high quality code releases.

“As a distributed, in-memory database optimized for speed and scale, it’s critical that MemSQL deliver a rock-solid platform that exceeds our users’ expectations and works across many customer environments,” said Carl Sverre, principal architect at MemSQL. “MemSQL has millions of test scenarios in complex configurations. We have found Diamanti’s container appliance assists us to rapidly validate new features and software updates in the context of realistic environments, ultimately allowing MemSQL to out-innovate other distributed databases.”

Diamanti launched earlier this year to solve network and storage challenges in Linux containerized environments. MemSQL, an early Diamanti beta site, has reported notable benefits in their CI automated test environment:

  • OPERATIONAL AUTOMATION – The Diamanti appliance allows rapid network and storage configuration for high-volume test scenarios through an API, rather than manually configuring infrastructure or relying on fixed configurations. This allows new degrees of control and automation in creating isolated networks and storage volumes to scale verification more easily than before.
  • WORKLOAD PRIORITIZATION AND GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE – Not every test scenario carries the same priority or duration. Some tests are more I/O-intensive, some are more critical, and some last only seconds while others require hours. Diamanti simplifies workload prioritization, keeps tests isolated from each other, and guarantees that long-running tests are not interrupted by short-running tests.
  • RAPID SIMULATION OF STORAGE AND NETWORKING CONFIGURATIONS – Robust software platforms like MemSQL must be verified against many permutations of customer environments. In so-called “four-corner testing,” where multiple conditions are simulated at their extremes, code is evaluated in worst-case conditions. Diamanti enables organizations like MemSQL to quickly emulate many different networking and storage variables in their CI pipeline. Rather than having to build out a massive hardware lab, organizations can virtualize the network and storage environments using Diamanti.

“Being lightweight and fast to deploy, container technology is ideal for the rapid pace of a modern continuous-integration methodology,” said Mark Balch, vice president of products and marketing at Diamanti. “Diamanti delivers agile container network and storage capabilities through an automated deployment process that is tightly integrated with mainstream open-source container stacks. We connect to existing networks without costly rearchitecting, and eliminate manual infrastructure tuning that slows down application lifecycles. Diamanti is pleased to welcome MemSQL into our beta program and help advance their innovative analytics platform.”

Visit Diamanti at LinuxCon to see a product demonstration and learn more. Diamanti is now available for new beta users. Sign up at www.diamanti.com to take a test drive and try it yourself.

About Diamanti

Diamanti solves the most challenging networking and storage requirements that organizations face when moving containerized workloads from development into production. The Diamanti appliance plugs into existing environments and delivers guaranteed performance and 10X improvements in I/O throughput and latency, allowing developers and operators to predictably deploy, scale, and manage containers without time­ consuming customization. Based in San Jose, California, Diamanti is backed by venture investors CRV, DFJ, GSR Ventures, and Goldman Sachs. For more information visit www.diamanti.com or follow @diamanticom.

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