OpenStack or ContainerStack Summit?

Earlier this year, people asked why Diamanti chose to launch ahead of OpenStack Summit, rather than waiting for a more appropriately named event. We knew ahead of time that Summit would feature a container track with many container-oriented sessions. We did not foresee the outsize role that containers would play across the conference. From container keynotes, to standing-room only sessions, to attendees actively engaged in the container lifecycle, the conference felt more appropriately named ContainerStack.
Team Diamanti spoke with many of you about deploying containerized applications. Hypervisor or bare-metal? What type of storage is right for each workload? How can containers work with existing networks and IT processes?

Walking the expo hall and listening to many speakers, container demand came through as surely as the confusion over how to implement them in a production environment. Containers are profoundly influencing OpenStack and other IT domains. Our mission is to help professionals like you become successful in mastering this powerful platform.
What container deployment challenges are you facing? Let us know and we’ll help you as we are helping others like you.