10 Most Interesting Announcements From Kubecon + CloudNativeCon 2019

San Diego became the host for one of the largest industry events of the year – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. With over 12000 attendees and 100s of vendors from the cloud native ecosystem, this conference was undoubtedly the biggest gathering of the industry.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation is chartered with the governance of the open source projects that form the critical building blocks of modern infrastructure. The most notable project governed by CNCF is Kubernetes, which has become the foundation of modern infrastructure.

With over 20 projects, 500 members, and 100 companies, CNCF represents one of the most vibrant communities and ecosystems of the industry. Just in 2019, 205 new members joined the foundation doubling the count of the membership.

KubeCon witnessed a 50% increase in attendance compared to last year’s event in Seattle. From traditional infrastructure companies such as HPE and VMware to young startups, the event had the most interesting mix of vendors.

The event transformed into a major milestone for the cloud native community. Companies utilize KubeCon to announce new products and features.

This year’s KubeCon saw over 100 announcements coming out from the cloud native ecosystem. Here is an attempt to highlight some of the most interesting announcements from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2019.

8. Diamanti Announces Spektra Hybrid Cloud Solution

Hyper-converged infrastructure company, Diamanti, announced Spektra, a hybrid cloud platform to manage the lifecycle of containerized workloads running across on-premises and public clouds. It also supports moving applications and data between various Kubernetes clusters.

Spektra provides a single pane of glass to manage the storage capabilities of clusters registered with the engine which enables mobility of applications and data between multiple Kubernetes environments with minimal impact.