In this on-demand webinar, we walk through some of the basics behind containers and Kubernetes and set you on your learning path with some foundational concepts. Whether you’re an IT professional who is being asked to support a Kubernetes environment or a decision maker who is being tasked to investigate options or an enterprise architect who is simply curious about the buzz behind Kubernetes, this webinar is designed to explain the main concepts and motivation for this exploding technology trend. Watch the clips below or the full replay.

Part 1: Background into Containers

Developers love containers. Docker containers were launched in 2013 and today there are millions of developers who use them. Discover how they are different from virtual machines and why they have been adopted so quickly. Included in this section is a quick demo that you can run yourself.

Part 2: The Microservices Movement

The rapid rise of containers was fueled, in part, by the move to microservices application architectures. In this section, we discuss the main drivers for microservices architecture and how that fits in with the transition to DevOps.

Part 3: The Rise of Kubernetes

Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto operating environment for containers and microservices. Learn what is driving the growth of Kubernetes and they key traits of this technology.

Part 4: Challenges for the Enterprise

With so many new technologies, architectures and practices, a challenge for many enterprises is how to support this in their own data centers. In this last section, we look at some things to consider before rolling our your own Kubernetes environment.

Extra: Kubernetes Demo

In this re-recorded demo, Jenny shows you the basics of how to interact with a Kubernetes environment though the kubectl CLI.