Get Started with Containers and Kubernetes


While much of the world is working remotely, it’s a great time to learn new skills and get up-to-speed on new technologies. This webinar is designed for technology professionals who are just getting started with containers and Kubernetes and curious about why this technology is taking off.

During this on-demand webinar, we walk through some of the basics and set you on your learning path with some foundational concepts. Whether you’re an IT professional who is being asked to support a Kubernetes environment or a decision maker who is being tasked to investigate options or an enterprise architect who is simply curious about the buzz behind Kubernetes, this webinar is designed to explain the main concepts and motivation for this exploding technology trend.

Topics will include:

  • The difference between containers and virtual machines
  • Why developers are adopting microservices architecture and how that relates to containers
  • The emergence of Kubernetes and what that means to IT
  • Recommended tools and resources to continue your learning


    Executive Headshot


    Jenny Fong
    VP of Marketing



    Before joining Diamanti, Jenny worked at both VMware and Docker and has delivered several educational talks at both VMworld and DockerCon. Her Docker 101 webinar has been viewed around the world over 80,000+ times.