With the growing adoption and community contributions, Kubernetes has evolved as one of the leading platforms for running stateful applications. In fact, databases emerged as the top use case in Diamanti’s survey. Even though the operator framework has simplified the process, there are many other factors that affect the deployment of scalable and highly available stateful applications on Kubernetes.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the key design decisions and considerations required for running stateful applications in Kubernetes including a demo of stateful application deployment. This webinar would be helpful for platform architects, database administrators, developers and other technology professionals who are exploring efficient ways to deploy and run stateful applications on Kubernetes.

Topics include:

  • Platform considerations and requirements for running stateful applications such as MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Achieving high availability and scalability of stateful applications
  • Ways to achieve high transactions per second (TPS) at low latencies for stateful applications
  • Deploying stateful applications in seconds on Kubernetes



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Arvind Gupta 
Principal Solutions Architect