Securing Kubernetes Infrastructure and Applications


Security should not just be a feature or just an option. It should be a process and be organically integrated into the product as a fundamental building block. This webinar is designed for technology professionals who are exploring or getting started with Kubernetes and want to learn more about critical security considerations to run containerized applications.

Join us to discuss key security aspects and possible solutions to consider while deploying containers on a Kubernetes platform. Whether you’re an IT professional supporting a Kubernetes environment or a decision-maker who is evaluating options or an enterprise architect who is simply curious about how to secure microservices, this webinar is designed to explore security options for full-stack production deployment.

Topics will include:

  • User management and regulating access to resources
  • Separation of control and data plane traffic
  • Encryption of data-at-rest 
  • Encryption of data-in-transit
  • Container lifecycle security


Chinmay Gaikwad

Technical Marketing Engineer