Mesosphere DC/OS and Diamanti

IT is entering a new golden age driven by cloud native apps, especially those developed with containers.

Earlier advances in data center operations centered around prepackaged apps and custom apps handed across the transom, often with limited developer interaction. Today, IT operators are building closer relationships with developers and looking for infrastructure and tools that facilitate a devops revolution.

Diamanti set out to revolutionize infrastructure for cloud native apps, making networking and storage that address application needs without costly, time-consuming customization that has become all too common in IT.

With DC/OS, Mesosphere has focused on unifying the operational experience around cloud native applications and facilitating application deployment and scaling in production environments.

We are proud to announce Diamanti support for DC/OS with beta integration that enables our customers to deploy containerized applications with guaranteed performance. Applications deployed through DC/OS can now take advantage of our converged network and storage virtualization that dramatically lowers system cost and decrease deployment times to seconds versus weeks. We’re at MesosCon this week in Denver, so stop by and visit! (Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend – we’ll post a demo video soon.)

But we’re not done. Diamanti will continue working within the Mesos ecosystem to make it easier for developers and operators to declare their application requirements for network and storage – and ensure those requirements get delivered in seconds as they deploy across multiple environments. Stay tuned!