Getting ready for KubeCon (now Diamanti) is gearing up for our first sponsored event at KubeCon 2015 – the first of its kind! Why are we so excited? Kubernetes is an innovative open source project at the heart of the microservices revolution in application architecture. Container-based microservices streamline adjusting application capacity to changes in demand. Kubernetes gives developers and administrators powerful tools to deploy and scale stateless workloads.

Yet, the data tiers supporting these workloads – for example, NoSQL and SQL databases, key-value and object stores, and messaging – are often not as easy to scale. We’ve heard many stories at meetups, on the web, and by talking with from dev-ops teams about data tier projects requiring extensive customization and lengthy implementation. (now Diamanti) believes that cloud-native data tiers should just work. They should be easy to deploy and scale without guesswork and risk, while offering predictable performance and behavior. We’ve spent the past year working with Kubernetes, culminating in our upstream contributions of new capabilities and extensions for I/O resource scheduling and configuration across a container cluster. In the coming weeks, we’ll be blogging about our open source contributions and Kubernetes release candidates. Or, you can visit us at KubeCon and speak directly with the (now Diamanti) engineers who are leading these efforts.