Long live KubeCon

Wow! The inaugural KubeCon had amazing energy. Warm feeling of community. Sold to capacity. Great conversations. High quality sessions. Mad props to Patrick and JJ for getting KubeCon off the ground – it will be remembered for a long time to come. KubeCon impressed me on personal and professional levels.

It was personally energizing to share the KubeCon experience with so many dedicated, engaged professionals working together for fundamental improvement in how applications are built and deployed. There was a clear sense of purpose throughout the event and in the many old and new friends I spoke with. Everyone came to learn, share, and participate.

KubeCon was professionally beneficial for Datawise.io (now Diamanti) as a sponsor and exhibitor. Attendees thoughtfully discussed Datawise.io’s (now Diamanti) open source contributionsdemo, and cloud-native data tier use cases. We met Kubernetes and container users facing data tier scaling challenges. Reconnecting with partners gave us cooperative opportunities to explore.

KubeCon demonstrated Kubernetes’ rapid growth in capability and usage. Among Kubernetes’ most valuable long-term benefits is creating a declarative relationship between how an application is built by its developer and how that application is deployed across environments. Furthering this nascent relationship will enable users to more effectively and predictably scale cloud-native applications as their demands inevitably grow.

Long live KubeCon!