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Sign up for a three-year subscription to Diamanti Ultima Accelerator. Experience a complete enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution: A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with performance-smashing I/O offload technology—delivering the compute, storage, and networking performance you need (plus a Kubernetes distribution)— all in a single integrated platform.

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Think of it. You can now have a complete, purpose-built HCI platform designed to deliver best in class performance for your most demanding Kubernetes workloads—a solution designed to achieve as much as 70% TCO savings—and you pay absolutely nothing for the severs.

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Sign up for a 3-year subscription term to Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator and get:

Purpose-built Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform


  • 1,000,000 IOPS per 1U
  • Less than 300 micro-seconds latency
  • Industry leading application level transactions per second
  • Intel®️ Xeon®️ CPUs: 12, 24, 36 or 48 cores per node


  • 70% lower TCO
  • 100% host utilization
  • 95% usable storage capacity
  • No hypervisor needed
  • Guaranteed QoS with no overprovisioning


  • Full-stack support
  • Production-grade SLAs
  • Secure multi-tenant isolation
  • Advanced DR/DP
  • On-premises availability zones and hybrid cloud support

Plug-and-play Networking

  • Leverages networking that integrates directly with existing network infrastructure
  • Each container is automatically allocated an IP address and can reside on any subnet
  • Plug and play at L2 networking allows for an easy transition from VMs
  • Overlay networking using VxLan

Fast NVMe Persistent Storage

  • Low-latency NVMe block storage
  • Less than 300 micro-seconds latency
  • Diamanti extends NVMe across the cluster using standard 10 GB Ethernet, offering data mobility without compromise

Seamless Scalability

  • Scaleble Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Multi-cloud capabilities
  • Appliances that deliver 1,000,000+ IOPS per 1U node
  • Less than 300 micro-seconds latency