Key Takeaways from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

O'Reilly Software Architecture
O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference (NYC – 2020)


The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference recently took place in the ever-bustling New York City. There were a lot of great sessions and insightful conversations focused on digital transformation during the conference. The Diamanti team had the opportunity to interact with numerous application architects, developers, and operators from various enterprise organizations.

Diamanti Booth at O'Reilly
Diamanti Booth at O’Reilly


Here are the key takeaways from the conference:

  • Microservices adoption is on the rise
    “Microservices”, “serverless”, “containers” and “Kubernetes” were the hot topics of discussion. Many sessions were geared towards the transformation of applications from monolithic to microservices, where scalability and agility are commonly mentioned as the reasons why companies are moving towards microservices-based architecture. One of the best sessions was presented by Mark Richards on Microservices Migration Patterns.
  • Kubernetes is great, but it is not magic
    Kubernetes has become the de facto container orchestration platform. However, with the growing complexities of managing containers in different environments and configurations, Kubernetes is definitely not a complete solution on its own. There are some intentional gaps in Kubernetes; networking, storage, and security are some of the critical areas highlighted during the conference where Kubernetes depends on external help. Diamanti, with its unique storage and networking architecture, addresses these gaps seamlessly. In addition, there is an increasing need for supporting Kubernetes on hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Diamanti Spektra can make this a reality.
  • Support for stateful applications is critical
    With a huge representation from financial services, insurance, and banking industries, there was a lot of buzz around containerized databases. Supporting stateful applications with storage services (such as Data Protection and Disaster Recovery) to deliver a highly scalable and performant platform was the theme in many sessions. Service level agreements (SLAs) and service level objectives (SLOs) are key elements for supporting stateful applications such as databases. Diamanti’s unique Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees and storage services makes it the ideal platform for databases, making them highly available, performant, and disaster tolerant. Check out how databasesbenefit from running on the Diamanti platform.

Overall, it was a great conference with a lot of interactions and learning. With digital transformation well and truly underway, there are new challenges and exciting opportunities to look forward to!

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