Senior Software Engineer

United States | Full Time | Engineering - Networking

Job Details


Responsible for architecting and driving development of high-performance distributed networking systems. Defining requirements and leading development of high-performance networking based products including networking-offloads, embedded switches and routing functions. Development and integration of high-performance distributed software stack and its integration with networking functions, including Kubernetes CNI and container networking. Participate in future enhancements of developed products and helping debug customer engineering issues. Testing forwarding data-path on implemented features and supporting these through the Testing cycles.

Education and Experience Requirements:
  • Master Degree or Higher In Computer Science, Electronics And Telecommunications Engineering, Electronics Engineering Or A Closely Related Field
  • 8 Years Experience in Developing Distributed Networking Systems That Include The Following Experience (Which May Be Gained Concurrently):
    • Development of Networking Protocols and Its Integration with Embedded Platforms
    • Design and Development of Layer 2/3 Networking Protocols such as Spanning Tree Protocol, SVI, VLAN, IPv6, GRE or Similar
    • Design and Development of Forwarding Path for Embedded Networking Switching and Routing Platforms.
    • Design and Development of L2 Networking Data Path Functions such as Link Aggregation, Port Channels, QoS Or Similar

Mail resume to Ms. Le, Diamanti, Inc., 111 N. Market Street Ste 800, San Jose, CA 95113