Is Your Business Ready for its Next Big Challenge?

In the past year, the way in which many companies do business changed perhaps more than any single year before. Workforces and customers became distributed work-from-home employees scattered across the globe, natural disasters ravaged landscapes, and customer demand for certain items skyrocketed while the need for other products fell. These changes caused many businesses to adapt their IT infrastructure and disaster recovery plans quickly.

Diamanti knows how to help businesses navigate change because we’ve already done the hard work. Our platform is already enabling customers to quickly respond to emerging market conditions and changing needs, allowing them to focus on their business instead of their infrastructure. Diamanti is solving the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with the best platform for managing Kubernetes at any scale. Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform propels enterprises to rapidly adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud, with security, high availability and resilience built-in.

Learn more about how we can help your company invest in its future in this video from the Fall 2020 team in University of Silicon Valley’s MediaWorks™ project.


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