Independent Comparison Shows Diamanti a Leader Running MySQL in Cloud or Data Center

The way organizations use Kubernetes is changing and that has big implications for choosing the right Kubernetes platform. As more organizations use Kubernetes to run stateful workloads, they need storage that delivers both performance and price: 

  • If storage performance is sub-par, you risk getting tons of user and customer experience complaints. 
  • If the performance is right but you’re paying too much for it, you’ll ultimately find yourself blowing your budgets, especially with data-intensive, AI-based applications. 

That’s why I’m so pleased to announce that the latest performance test running Diamanti’s K8s platforms in the AWS and Google clouds shows Diamanti leading the way on both performance and price-performance. Download the complete report here or watch this quick video overview. 

The McKnight Group, an independent testing group, ran the same MySQL-based application on Diamanti K8s—comparing it against AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (Google GKE) with the same cloud instances—measuring the difference in overall node database query throughput and transaction speeds. 

In all tests, Diamanti had much greater query throughput and was always more cost effective than either AWS or Google. Depending on the configuration, Diamanti was 2X greater on throughput and price-performance and, as the size of the configuration increased, was 3X better on both metrics. A comparison using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service vs. Diamanti Ultima Enterprise with Spektra at 100 EC2 instances shows a net annual savings of nearly $5 million. 

McKnight also got the same results running Diamanti’s platforms on bare metal and with Red Hat OpenShift. According to the report: “With a throughput of 1.2 million queries and transactions per second, Diamanti’s performance on bare metal surpasses everything we tested by a wide margin. On bare metal and OpenShift on Dell 32-core servers, Diamanti Ultima Accelerator and Ultima Enterprise also demonstrate great throughput.” A comparison of bare metal vs. Diamanti Ultima Accelerator with Spektra at 100 servers shows a net annual savings of over $3.6 million. 

McKnight concluded: “Our analysis reveals Diamanti to be both an exceptional performer and an excellent value as a Kubernetes platform.” 

Compared to the managed Kubernetes services, Diamanti enables customers to utilize public cloud resources and spend while delivering more storage I/O and capacity, resulting in lower cloud costs.  

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