How Mining and Natural Resources Companies Can Unearth Kubernetes’ Value

How Mining and Natural Resources Companies Can Unearth Kubernetes’ Value

COVID spurred flashy digital transformations in industries like retail and entertainment. But these consumer-facing industries are hardly the only ones to undergo massive digital shifts over the past few years. Mining and natural resources companies are also moving to the hybrid cloud to save time and minimize costs, make data more actionable, and connect ecosystem partners and suppliers more easily and efficiently.
One tool many mining and natural resources firms will use to maximize the value of their digital transformations is Kubernetes. This open-source container orchestration platform allows enterprises to spin up and manage applications while eliminating downtime, securing data, and maximizing performance. The Diamanti Kubernetes platform allows organizations to adopt and manage Kubernetes without headaches, further saving time and money while accessing industry-leading performance and security standards. Let’s look at how Kubernetes can help mining and natural resources companies maximize the value of their digital transformation by saving time and money, transforming data into actionable insights, and connecting ecosystem partners and suppliers more easily and efficiently.

Save Time and Minimize Costs
Empowering companies to scale workforces up or down on demand, Kubernetes creates a seamless pathway to optimize an increasingly hybrid workforce in a post-COVID world. A cloud-based approach makes it possible to enhance workload scales, providing a powerful tool for planning and coordinating on- and off-site task completion. On the shop floor, a cloud-based approach helps companies bridge the gap
between workforce redesign and intelligent automation, ensuring continuity of peak performance alongside the flexibility to take advantage of developing innovation in AI and machine-learning technologies.

Another way that Kubernetes saves time and minimizes costs is by streamlining risk and regulatory mitigation procedures. Container orchestration on the hybrid cloud makes it possible for companies to easily align workflows, reporting, and compliance processes. Synced data flow and communication via K8s container pods empowers employers and employees to effectively meet government and industry standards by
coordinating across company divisions without friction. In addition to streamlining regulatory processes, Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform also
saves time and lowers costs by simplifying and centralizing IT services. Mining and natural resources companies manage complicated machinery with advanced technical and digital components. Kubernetes centralizes and expedites problem solving by enabling IT management to identify and address issues across containers, leading to linear IT teams that can focus on troubleshooting and turbocharging performance
instead of sporadic and time-consuming repair.

Make Data More Actionable
Moving to the hybrid cloud makes it possible for mining and natural resources firms to collect, analyze, and securely back up data. Heavy and complex machinery creates huge amounts of data per second, much of which can go unexamined without the right
technology to handle it. Kubernetes on the Diamanti platform ensures effective data capture and processing across multiple distributed apps and containers. With more data in hand, companies are able to spend more of their valuable time processing and analyzing it. K8s lets companies connect and compare manifold data outputs to produce more accurate forecasts, balance distribution on the network,calibrate AI and machine learning utilization, and track and improve emission output andwaste management.

Securing this proprietary data and enterprise infrastructure is vital. If any of the proprietary data or IP fueling an organization’s use of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) — the interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices whose connectivity increases efficiency and productivity — were hacked, for example, unwanted legal and financial consequences could follow. Diamanti’s platform offers safe and protected
end-to-end data backup and restoration. It also enables companies to monitor their assets and accurately assess cybersecurity threats in real time, with dedicated support teams always on standby.

Connect Ecosystem Partners and Suppliers More Easily and Efficiently
Transportation costs and security are two of the greatest challenges currently facing the mining and natural resources industry. Rising material and component costs and supply chain bottlenecks in a pandemic environment highlight the opportunity for companies to take advantage of the speed, efficiency, and interconnectivity of the hybrid cloud. With Kubernetes, companies can digitize the supply chain in order to monitor and react
to supply-chain disruptions without missing a beat. Different partners and suppliers often operate from different physical and digital environments, making coordination complex and time-consuming. K8s empowers companies to execute across hybrid environments through a centralized hub which can orchestrate and quickly communicate demand. Once connected to the hybrid cloud with Diamanti, companies can develop a
standardized platform for all parties. This cuts down on time devoted to logistics so that managers can focus on efficient production, quality customer experience, and speedy service delivery. That’s the level of performance mining and natural resources companies need to establish a competitive edge — one that Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform can deliver.