How Kubernetes Saves Money and Drives Growth

In the post-pandemic world, digital transformation is no longer a suggestion but an imperative. Businesses hoping to succeed in the rapidly evolving market must be prepared to integrate their operations with cutting-edge technology designed to adapt to the trends and developing standards of the digital landscape.

Container-based application management systems like Kubernetes have boosted enterprises’ ability to mobilize data, allowing businesses to respond to customer expectations for increasingly agile, personalized, and frictionless transactions.

Container-native infrastructure for data management is not only critical for maintaining a competitive edge in the digital marketplace; it can also be a boon to your bottom line. In this blog post, we’ll touch on three ways that Kubernetes can help businesses cut costs and channel resources towards spurring growth.

Kubernetes maximizes resource efficiency

Container technology makes the management and integration of business-critical operations across platforms faster and easier. For today’s businesses, working across multiple channels for production, operations, and distribution is a must. But doing so with traditional data management tools is redundant and expensive.

Past approaches to data management required multiple hosts as well as acquiring and maintaining hardware to support individual applications. That infrastructure required massive amounts of memory, space, and administrative upkeep.

Containers radically streamline this process: since they are not tied to the hardware of a single host environment, multiple applications can run on the same architecture, reducing the need for investing in multiple overlapping tools that must be managed separately. The results are almost immediately noticeable, as businesses implementing containers managed by Kubernetes can reclaim as much as 80% of hardware capacity after implementation.

By providing a lightweight and environment-agnostic means to transfer application data across platforms, container-deployment technology like Kubernetes allows retailers to cut down on the cost and size of hardware and facilities — all while maximizing app performance and data availability. The path to value via Kubernetes is even shorter when working with platforms that make Kubernetes management a breeze.

Kubernetes is the solution for safeguarding customer trust 

Providing reliable, consistent application access and availability is critical to building lasting ties with customers. With Kubernetes, businesses can easily identify and address operations issues, safeguarding against application downtime and providing an optimal and frictionless customer experience. This is a major source of cost savings, as any CMO or CFO will attest that retaining existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones.

Kubernetes offers a reliable and hands-off approach to monitoring and maintaining container health and application performance. With its automated container management technology, the platform identifies issues across platforms and intervenes without the need for human oversight. This proactive maintenance minimizes downtime, protecting valuable time to market.

Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform makes data recovery more efficient and reliable. Automated back-ups can be scheduled as frequently as every five minutes and can reduce disaster recovery down time to as low as 20 minutes. With straightforward recovery protocols, you can readily protect and revive your valuable data in the event of unexpected loss.

Reliable availability is not only essential to protect brand market share — it allows businesses to channel time and resources away from troubleshooting and towards long-term investments and future returns: product innovation, customer retention, and enhanced sales and marketing to drive fresh revenue.

Kubernetes empowers innovative data insights that spur growth

The ability to efficiently manage and mobilize data will be a key determining factor in separating the companies that will ride the wave of digital transformation from those that will be swept away by it. The efficiency and flexibility offered by container-based technology makes organizing and optimizing company data more accessible and scalable.

Diamanti’s Kubernetes stack provides companies with the architecture to take an informed approach to leveraging data across business-critical operations. Continuity and seamless communication among databases, apps, commerce systems, and CRM platforms facilitates accessing and implementing data-driven insights in real time.

Companies deploying Diamanti’s Kubernetes lifecycle management platform can access up to five times more production data from which to better understand and address customer needs. With access to an integrated network of digital resources, businesses are empowered to take analytics and innovation to the next level, maximizing the return on their investments.

The capabilities offered by container technology have been gasoline on the growing fire of digital transformation. With the architecture and adaptive technology provided by Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform, businesses stand not just to survive the upheaval of the digital revolution but to thrive on its possibilities.