Here’s What’s New in the Latest Release of Diamanti’s GroundWork Monitor

Diamanti’s GroundWork Monitor solution is widely known for its extensive IT monitoring capabilities. With GroundWork Monitor, you can track the performance of just about any digital system connected to your network. Diamanti continually adds new capabilities so users can get more value out of their IT monitoring 

Here’s what’s new in the last release of GroundWork Monitor (8.7.3)–to see these new enhancements in action, watch this video: 


Cold Spare with Automatic Switching: GroundWork Monitor now supports a cold backup server to keep any disruptions to monitoring to a minimum.  If the primary monitoring server fails, GroundWork can automatically switch over to the backup server. 


Diamanti continually updates GroundWork with enhancements to simplify and streamline monitoring. In the latest release, this includes: 

  • More Support for PostgreSQL: GroundWork now supports PostGreSQL V13 as an external database, including support for complex passwords (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.) 
  • System Timeout: With the latest release, users now have control over session timeouts—you can easily set how long the UI can be inactive before a GroundWork session is automatically terminated.  


As you rely more heavily on IT monitoring, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the event notifications, i.e., “alarm fatigue.” The new release of GroundWork introduces more capabilities to help users quickly focus on important events: 

  • Audit logs: Audit logs are a great way to go back and analyze the impact of configuration changes on system performance. Because audit logs can number in the hundreds of pages, the latest release of GroundWork Monitor has new options for jumping to a specific page or event, filtering by date and time range, sorting logs on any data column and easily exporting logs to CSV files. 
  • Host Filtering: When monitoring different hosts in Elastic DB, you can now easily specify which hosts are to be included and quickly search through event data for only those hosts. 

With the new release of GroundWork Monitor, as well as our Ultima Accelerator HCI appliance and Spektra management solution, we’ve added more than ten new features suggested by customers. It’s because of this effort—completed on-time and on-budget—that Diamanti continues to lead the way with the industry’s most robust platforms for Kubernetes. 

Remember, for more on these enhancements to GroundWork, Watch this video.