Here’s What’s New in the Latest Release of Diamanti with OpenShift

Diamanti and Red Open Shift have worked together for years to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to make the transition from legacy infrastructures to Kubernetes containers.  

Diamanti’s Ultima Accelerator with OpenShift is a prepackaged solution combining RedHat OpenShift’s enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution with Diamanti’s QoS-enabled intelligent storage and networking platform.  

And the relationship keeps getting better and better, as illustrated in new capabilities included in the latest release (3.5.1). 

You can also watch this video for more details. 

Here’s what’s new: 

Ephemeral Storage: Our Container Storage Interface (CSI) now supports generic, ephemeral volumes: a versatile and convenient option for storing temporary files that are not critical to an application’s long-term state (e.g., logs, cache files). Each pod can now take advantage of high-performance block devices and use these mounted volumes for short-term storage but at higher performance than what’s possible with emptyDir. When the pod is deleted, the ephemeral volume is also deleted. 

4X Increase in Storage: Diamanti CSI how supports 16 terabyte drives, taking the overall storage capacity per node to 64 terabytes (a four-fold increase in per-node capacity), allowing a much bigger count of large volumes without having to add more nodes to the cluster. Diamanti’s unique QoS capabilities, high throughput and low latencies are supported for these larger drives as well. 

More Features: This release supports OpenShift version 4.12, with Kubernetes 1.25, which brings in features like enhanced cluster security, an improved developer experience and hardening of container runtime, amongst others. This release also includes multiple optimizations to reduce the overall time for scheduling a high number of pods at the same time.  

With the new release of Ultima Accelerator, as well as our Spektra management solution and GroundWork IT monitoring, we’ve added more than ten new features suggested by customers. It’s because of this effort—completed on-time and on-budget—that Diamanti continues to lead the way with the industry’s most robust platforms for Kubernetes.  

Be sure to watch the video on Ultima Accelerator with OpenShift Enterprise 3.5.1. for more details.