Here’s What’s New in GroundWork Monitor Release 8.7.7

With each release of GroundWork Monitor, we deliver new capabilities for monitoring your entire IT environment, including both cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

The latest release of GroundWork Monitor (8.7.7) includes new capabilities that make it easier to set up, connect and configure a comprehensive monitoring solution, including:

  • Azure Platform Monitoring
  • Simplifying Report Creation Using the DB Schema
  • Supporting Security Certificates from 3rd Party Authorities

Here’s a closer look at the new capabilities that are in the latest release. To see these features in action, watch this video.

Azure Platform Monitoring

GroundWork Monitor includes new capabilities for monitoring Azure. Any element of your Azure platform or infrastructure can now be connected, configured and have metrics transmitted to GroundWork through the use of a Transit Connect Generator (TCG) designed for Azure. Buffering ensures a lossless stream of metrics and in the event of a disconnect, GroundWork automatically re-establishes the link. Users are in complete control of what devices, apps and other resources they choose to monitor.

The TCG for Azure is one of several TCGs. GroundWork also has TCGs for connecting GroundWork to Nagios, SNMP, Office 365, Kubernetes, Elastic and Application Performance Monitoring.

GroundWork TCGs are open source and available on GitHub.

Simplifying Report Creation Using the DB Schema

GroundWork Monitor provides a range of reports that clients often want to customize for their specific needs or audiences. To make that kind of customization easy, with release 8.7.7, administrators now have access to the documented SQL database schemas used across all reports. This makes it easy to create reports formatted in the way that works best for your administrators and establish custom queries for reports such as host availability and uptime.

Supporting Security Certificates from 3rd Party Authorities

While many organizations use GroundWork Monitor entirely within their own enterprise domain, when it is accessible via the public Internet a traceable chain of trust must be established, i.e., a valid certificate confirmed by a third parry provider. With the release of 8.7.7 of GroundWork Monitor, we are re-establishing the ability to expose GroundWork instances to the Internet by generating certificate sighing requests (CSRs) directly from the GroundWork Monitor user interface. The CSR can be used by a third party to generate a valid certificate and chain of trust. CSRs will remain valid for one year, at which point they would need to be regenerated.

To see the new capabilities of GroundWork Monitor Release 8.7.7 in action, watch this video.