Here’s What’s New in GroundWork Monitor 8.7.5

To simplify the monitoring of today’s complex IT infrastructures, we keep enhancing Diamanti’s GroundWork Monitor solution to make it easier to handle day-to-day administrative tasks.

The latest release (8.7.5 ) of GroundWork Monitor includes these new capabilities:

  • Automated Failover with Leader Election
  • Updating Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Validating Security Certificates
  • Automatic Resetting of SNMP Traps

Here’s a closer look at the new capabilities that are in the latest Release 8.7.5 of GroundWork Monitor. To see these features in action, watch this video.

Automated Failover with Leader Election

Release 8.7.5 of Groundwork Monitor delivers a significant enhancement to its high availability capabilities through automated failover and leader election. Now if a failure occurs—power outage, network goes down, equipment malfunctions—you can designate a leader to take over the monitoring with no delay and no loss of data. You can designate multiple backups in a standalone configuration or multiple parent or child servers to take over in a parent-child configuration. This is an out-of-the-box capability available at no additional cost, starting with release 8.7.5. It helps ensure continuous availability of all monitoring-related services, uninterrupted data continuity, and effective execution of monitoring tasks.

Updating Contacts and Contact Groups

With the release of GroundWork Monitor 8.7.5, it’s now easier to sort and edit contacts and contact groups. You can sort contacts by any column: user name, full name, email or phone number. Once you have sorted the contacts, that arrangement will become the default until you change it again. Find contacts quickly by simply entering a letter or string of letters—GroundWork will identify matching contacts. If there are blank fields in a contact’s entry, you can click “filter by blank” and empty fields will disappear. You can edit listings directly in the user interface or at any time go to the complete contact card. These features apply to both contacts and contact groups.

Validating Security Certificates

GroundWork Monitor customers have experienced the issue of trying to install new security certificates only to discover the certificate was invalid. With GroundWork Monitor Release 8.7.5, when a new certificate gets installed, Groundwork will check to make sure it is valid. If it’s valid, the certificate will be installed and become fully functional. If the certificate is about to expire, GroundWork will let you know that (it will still accept the certificate.) If there are issues with the certificate, GroundWork will provide an explanation for the failure of the validation without disrupting the monitoring.

Automatic Resetting of SNMP Traps

SNMP traps are used to monitor network devices in real time and detect critical events and errors.

With Release 8.7.5 of Groundwork Monitor, you can now program SNMP traps to reset to the OK state after a certain duration. This reduces the administrative task of managing SNMP traps.

To see the new capabilities of GroundWork Monitor Release 8.7.5 in action, watch this video.