Here’s the Latest on How Diamanti and Hitachi Deliver K8s Performance

Ultima Accelerator, Diamanti’s turnkey Kubernetes HCI appliance, delivers a complete, high-performance platform—including a Kubernetes distribution and advanced storage and networking services—designed to deliver best-in-class performance for applications, databases, and AI/ML workloads running in containers or VMs. 

With Ultima Accelerator, organizations of all kinds can run mission-critical statefuland stateless enterprise workloads, achieving deterministic I/O performance and higher throughput while lowering their TCO.  

And with every release, Ultima Accelerator keeps delivering more.  

Here’s what’s new in Ultima Accelerator 3.7–you can also watch this video for more details: 

Ephemeral Storage: Our Container Storage Interface (CSI) now supports generic ephemeral volumes, a versatile and convenient option for storing temporary files that are not critical to an application’s long-term state (e.g., logs, cache files). Each pod can now take advantage of high-performance block devices and use these mounted volumes for short-term storage but at higher performance than what’s possible with emptytDir. When the pod is deleted, the ephemeral volume is also deleted. 

Pre-flight Upgrade Checks: This release adds support for running pre-flight checks before initiating an upgrade.Now a user can run a simple command that lists the status of nodes, services, ports and other resources on the cluster to ensure that the cluster is ready for upgrade. 

Support for Kubernetes v1.27: As Kubernetes performance keeps getting more robust and secure, Ultima Accelerator supports all of the latest capabilities. Here are a few examples of what’s new in Kubernetes v1.27 that are included with the latest release of Ultima Accelerator: 

  • New Kubernetes Registry: Kubernetes now has a new container image registry ( spread across multiple cloud providers and regions.  
  • More Security via Seccomp: Seccomp (short for secure computing mode) is now the default option in Kubernetes.  
  • Scheduler Preemption for High Priority Pods: With Kubernetes v1.27, scheduler preemption is now supported in the ReadWriteOncePod mode.  

With the new release of Ultima Accelerator, as well as our Spektra management and GroundWork IT monitoring solutions, we’ve added more than ten new features suggested by customers. It’s because of this effort—completed on-time and on-budget—that Diamanti continues to lead the way with the industry’s most robust platforms for Kubernetes.  

You can get more details on these new capabilities in our video on Ultima Accelerator 3.7.