Unified Monitoring

GroundWork Monitor brings your physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructures together in one platform.


Wherever your apps publish data, you can gather it in GroundWork and track application health. Put all your apps key performance data in one place for tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Receive alerts for performance degradation
  • View application stack, device, and network data together for troubleshooting
  • Manage SLAs and measure your business service performance


Virtual and physical monitored servers are the beating heart of your whole business. Monitor every interconnected VM, server, container and more. Automatically deploy monitoring with each scaling event.
  • Full graphing and history for your hypervisors, VM, and networks
  • Wide device coverage for monitored server and VM types
  • No extra charges for  monitoring profile packs
  • Scales to thousands of devices and millions of service checks


With intelligent, unified monitoring that understands your network, you can find out about network issues before anyone else. Auto discovery and topology mapping can stifle alarm storms. With unified monitoring, all the information need for network improvements are in one place. Advanced notifications and correlation help you cut through the thousands of events and get to the heart of the matter.
  • Monitor detailed metrics and aggregate
  • Autodiscovery and maintainance of network and devices
  • Topology understanding suppresses alarms you don’t need
  • Gather data via SNMP, CPD, LLDP, IPMI and much more
  • Supports OpenDaylight SDNs


Poor I/O and capacity issues can bring an organization to its knees. Virtualized storage, overprovisioning, and other management improvements increase the complexity of your organization. GroundWork adjusts dynamically to your changing environment, allowing you to focus on business instead of tracking down problems.
  • Wide range of supported vendors: NetApp, EMC, more
  • Gather any metric available from disk, block, object storage
  • See storage slowdowns and outages alongside other IT
  • No extra charges for  monitoring  profile packs

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