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Is every part of your IT infrastructure doing its job? Your clouds? Data centers? Networks? Containers?

Unfortunately, if the answer is no—and you’re not continuously monitoring—when you finally discover what’s really happening, it will be too late. Outages will occur. Money will be lost.
That’s why you want Diamanti’s GroundWork Monitor Enterprise—the solution you can rely on to identify and resolve problems anywhere in your IT infrastructure… before they become problems in your business.

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Right now, you can try GroundWork Monitor free for 30 days. See why so many organizations—including numerous financial institutions and government agencies—trust the full, IT stack monitoring they get from GroundWork Monitor. Just complete the form and a Diamanti representative will reach out to you. Once you’re approved for the free, no-risk trial, we’ll also send you a discount code worth $100 on Udemy, the global training provider that has thousands of courses on Kubernetes and loads of other topics. And, we will set up your FREE 30-minute consult with a Certified Kubernetes Engineer.

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.

GroundWork Monitor was specifically designed to deliver the metrics you need to visualize, analyze and optimize your on-premises and cloud environments.

Simple to deploy. Easy to use.

GroundWork Monitor is the ultimate, customizable, IT monitoring platform. Get measurements and alerts specifically matched to your needs. Because it can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, it’s perfect for monitoring high-security, air gapped applications.


GroundWork monitors your entire infrastructure – physical, virtual, and cloud-based. Get all the key performance data from all your apps – including other monitoring tools – consolidated in one place.

Fast, Proactive
Problem Detection

Rely on GroundWork to quickly detect any change anywhere. Know right away when failures occur and get information to help restore service. Rely on auto discovery and topology mapping to predict and eliminate outages, while also stifling distracting alarm storms.

Monitoring that
Adapts to You

Groundwork Monitor can be customized to fit your unique needs and easily scales. Deliver filtered views of specific categories of IT infrastructure to just the people who need them.


Use the built-in tools in GroundWork Monitor to set up your system. Import critical metrics with just a few clicks. Suppress alarms you don’t need. Automatically add monitoring when a new system is provisioned with GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agent (GDMA)—a lightweight agent that can be added to just about any device type.


GroundWork delivers powerful performance visualization. Build a dashboard to quickly spot chokepoints. Compare any monitoring data metric against any other. Combine event data with system logs to identify and analyze abnormal behavior. Stay on top of your SLAs.

Simple Deployment,
High Security

GroundWork servers can be deployed as instances in OpenStack, VMware, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It’s fully containerized and secure making for a solution that is easily maintained, robust and portable. Hosted on-premises, it’s the ideal solution for monitoring high-security, air gapped applications.

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