GigaOm Names Diamanti an “Outperformer” for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage

Diamanti emerges as an “outperformer” in the latest edition of GigaOm’s  Radar Report for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage. GigaOm is an unbiased enterprise practitioner that provides technical, operational, and business advice for strategic digital enterprise initiatives. GigaOm in their report evaluated eleven Kubernetes top providers for a number of criteria important to businesses and for each of the criteria, GigaOm Radar rated Diamanti as “Exceptional: Outstanding focus and execution”.

Diamanti offers an easy-to-use Kubernetes platform with its feature-rich storage and network plugins, providing one million IOPs per node and the only platform that guarantees predictable performance through QoS guarantees, eliminating noisy neighbors’ problems.

The report studied closely all of Diamanti’s product suites for a hyper-converged K8s platform, including the Ultima Enterprise, Ultima Accelerator, Spektra Enterprise, and GroundWork Monitor. Ultima Enterprise is a full-stack K8s software appliance for the hybrid cloud; the Ultima Accelerator is the industry’s first hyper-converged appliance for Kubernetes with I/O offloads. While Spektra Enterprise, is a multi-cloud and multi-cluster management product; Goundwork Monitor increases Diamanti’s monitoring and observability capabilities.

To read further on the topic and discover more about Diamanti’s success in the field of Kubernetes, please refer the links mentioned below with the attached detailed report and news article:  GigaOm release is live and GigaOm Radar Detailed Report.