GigaOm Declares Diamanti “A Standout” in Kubernetes—Recommends “Immediate Consideration”

Citing its integration of advanced storage and networking, the technology research firm GigaOm has declared Diamanti “a standout for its unique approach to Kubernetes management.”

In a CxO Decision Brief, “Kubernetes Management for Platform Engineering Teams,” GigaOm recommended immediate consideration of Diamanti for those modernizing applications and infrastructure.

According to GigaOm, “Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform addresses the complexities of multicloud and edge environments and supports rapid, efficient transitions with minimal disruption.”

Kubernetes has emerged as a “cornerstone technology” that can enhance operational agility and scalability,” according to the report, but at the same time poses an array of operational complexities particularly when used in hybrid architectures.

According to the report: “By seamlessly integrating advanced storage and networking capabilities with Kubernetes management, Diamanti simplifies the operational challenges of these technologies.”

GigaOm singled out a range of capabilities that set Diamanti apart including how Diamanti’s turnkey platforms:

  • Reduce the labor and cost of configuring and operating containerized applications.
  • Avoids vendor locked by supporting advanced data portability across multiple cloud environments
  • Bolsters the resilience and trustworthiness of the deployment architecture via integration of robust security measures

Noting that a key advantage of Kubernetes—its ability to scale and work for a large variety of workloads—can become expensive over time, Giga Om declared: “A platform like Diamanti is a very good way to manage that growth and cost.”

GigaOm also took note of Diamanti’s partner ecosystem of hardware and managed service providers noting that this “shows how Diamanti leverages strong industry relationships to enhance technological integration and support.” Diamanti’s partnerships with managed service providers “extend the range and depth of service offerings to enhance customer support and solution customization.”

The report concludes: “Through its unique blend of simplicity, performance, efficiency, and security, Diamanti sets itself apart as a formidable competitor in the Kubernetes management arena. It further displays clear potential to drive significant TCO savings and operational excellence.”

For a complete copy of the GigaOm report on Diamanti, click here.

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