Get Expanded Support for AWS EBS Drives with Ultima Enterprise

Ultima Enterprise is Diamanti’s Kubernetes-native, software-defined storage and networking solution for deploying and managing cloud-native applications. It comes with advanced storage and networking services for applications running in containers or in VMs and supports private and public cloud deployments.

With Ultima Enterprise, organizations across all vertical markets can now run their stateful and stateless containerized workloads and achieve high availability, without compromising on performance, while also achieving lower TCO.

Ultima Enterprise has long supported provisioning persistent volumes on instances which support NVMe based storage. With the Release 3.7.2 of Ultima Enterprise, we have broadened this support to add instances that support EBS volumes with the NVMe interface.

This makes it possible to run Ultima Enterprise on a broader range of lower cost AWS instances with persistent volumes being provisioned from EBS-backed drives.

With Ultima Enterprise 3.7.2 you can now select AWS EBS volumes as the storage option: both SSD-backed storage for transactional workloads (such as databases and boot volumes where performance depends primarily on IOPS), and EBS-backed storage for other workloads, such as log processing.

Expanded support for EBS volume-based storage is one of nearly a dozen new capabilities in the latest releases of our Ultima Enterprise platform.

To learn more about recent releases of Ultima Enterprise, read this blog. For an overview of the Ultima Enterprise platform, watch this video.