Reduce Time-to-Insight Running Splunk on Diamanti

Data is the most valuable currency in today’s digital economy, making it the most important intellectual property for every enterprise. Enterprises generate terabytes of unstructured data that can provide a competitive edge – improve uptime and resiliency, react more quickly to new business trends. But the challenge is processing all of the available data to make use of it. That’s where solutions like Splunk come in.

Splunk is an enterprise data analytics platform used by most of the Fortune 100. It helps IT, DevOps and Security teams reduce downtime and strengthen cybersecurity. However, as the amount of data continues to grow, enterprises need to scale their Splunk environment in a cost efficient way.

Improving Data Ingestion

Splunk is only as good as the amount of data it can process. For many enterprises running Splunk Enterprise on-premises, the limitation on data ingestion is tied to indexing latency. As a data intensive process, Splunk recommends using dedicated fast disks for indexing. For many enterprises, that means oversizing a cluster to support growing data needs.

Using Diamanti’s intelligent storage architecture and NVMe based storage, Splunk can generate extremely fast indexing with low latency and consistent high performance. Diamanti offers an optimized storage I/O architecture that improves CPU utilization and greatly reduces indexing latency. That means enterprises can process more data in a shorter amount of time, with a smaller server footprint.

Splunk architecture on Diamanti
Figure 1. Running Distributed Splunk on Diamanti


For many organizations, running Splunk on Diamanti means being able to drive actionable measures in real-time using data, enabling faster insights, and reducing TCO.

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