Recordings from the recent invite-only event, Donuts with Diamanti.

The Diamanti TL;DR

Hear from CTO and Co-Founder, Gopal Sharma, on the origins of Diamanti and where he sees the Kubernetes market heading. 

Sneak Peek at What’s Coming

Learn about the upcoming release of Diamanti Spektra 3.0 and why we’re so excited about it! Naren Narendra introduces the release and Brock Mowry demonstrates some of the new capabilities.

Breakout A: Deep Dive into Storage Architecture

As the original creators of FlexVolumes for Kubernetes, hear from founding engineer, Abhya Singh, to learn more about the innovation in the Diamanti storage solution.

Breakout B: Improving Performance in Data-Hungry Applications

Diamanti typically improves the performance of data-intensive applications like databases, Elasticsearch, and Kafka by 10x to 30x. Hear from our Field CTO, Boris Kurktchiev, about the customer deployments he’s worked on and the real-life performance improvements he sees. 

Breakout C: Multi-Cluster, Multi-Cloud Kubernetes

Get a closer look at Diamanti Spektra 3.0 and the key innovations we’re bringing to market to deliver true hybrid cloud flexibility for both stateless and stateful applications.

Breakout D: Overview of Diamanti

Note: This breakout changed live as an on-demand topic

Hear from Arvind Gupta, Naveen Seth and Brock Mowry go through the overview of Diamanti.

Breakout E: Diamanti for Red Hat OpenShift

Diamanti partners with Red Hat to simplify and enhance the Red Hat OpenShift platform. Combining Diamanti’s modern high performance HCI infrastructure with Red Hat’s leading developer experience helps enterprises get more value out of their OpenShift investment. Hear from founding engineer, Hiral Patel, about this important solution.

Breakout F: The Future of Diamanti Spektra


Spektra 3.0 marks the first step in an exciting road ahead for Diamanti. VP of Products, Brian Waldon, shares where our innovation is heading and how we can take our existing unique strengths to the next level.