Discover 10 Ways Diamanti Streamlines Kubernetes

 Kubernetes containers are rapidly replacing VMs and other traditional infrastructures. That’s now well established in the industry. What is less well established is that to get the full value out of Kubernetes, you need the right platform. Why? Here I’ll present ten common challenges that arise when implementing Kubernetes. 

If you prefer, watch the video we created on The Top 10 Kubernetes Challenges—And How Diamanti Solves Them. It showcases the challenges—and also how Diamanti helps makes them go away. 

Also, our recently completed 2024 Kubernetes Adoption Survey touches on a lot of these issues. Download it here. 

  1. Networking Complexity: Even in a very small Kubernetes implementation, networking can be a very big challenge. There are containers to connect, multiple networking models to manage, overlay networks, networking plugins—all requiring flawless orchestration. Diamanti is ready with our Container Network Interface.
  2. Persistent Storage: Because Kubernetes was primarily designed for stateless applications, additional steps must be taken to deliver the persistent storage and performance needed by apps that are stateful. Diamanti has led the way with intelligent storage designed for demanding, stateful applications.
  3. Controlling Costs of Your Kubernetes Environments: Start deploying Kubernetes at scale and it becomes easy to overspend on cloud services or data center resources — to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We believe better performance is the key to saving money—and we deliver. Take the Diamanti TCO Challenge and see for yourself. 
  4. Cluster Scalability: Kubernetes was never designed to support storage and networking SLAs. That means there are no Quality of Service – QoS – guarantees for storage IOPS and networking bandwidth. Diamanti delivers the QoS that Kubernetes lacks. 
  5. High Availability: High availability is a core enterprise requirement today and not easy to achieve across clusters, environments and regions. Unfortunately, Kubernetes does not provide things like mirroring, port redundancy or scheduled backups of data volumes. Diamanti, however, delivers all of those capabilities. 
  6. Resource Allocation and Utilization: Kubernetes is by definition a distributed solution so the ability to monitor resource allocation and utilization across multiple pods, nodes and environments is an essential undertaking. You need a way  to easily view the usage and performances of compute and I/O resources as well as applications and K8s objects. Diamanti delivers the management tools to do all of that and more.
  7. Security and Access Control: As Kubernetes becomes more popular, security vulnerabilities that before might have been overlooked now have to be addressed. Things like user access, authentication, data encryption, support for air-gapped environments—with just Kubernetes all by itself, you’re on your own. With Diamanti, you get exactly what you need.
  8. Application Lifecycle Management: When applications are distributed across clusters, life cycle management must also be set up to work across a distributed environment. Defining, deploying and upgrading all become major undertakings. That’s why Diamanti delivers true multi-cluster management. 
  9. Application Discovery: As clusters are spread across private and public clouds, just knowing where apps are located and how they’re being backed up becomes a challenge. You need a discovery capability—which is what you get with Diamanti. 
  10. Kubernetes Learning Curve: Kubernetes is still a relatively new technology and finding resources with the skills to orchestrate and operationalize it is not always easy. Diamanti is there is simply, reduce skill requirements and deliver the 24/7 support you need. 

To get a complete picture of what Diamanti can do, watch the video we created on The Top 10 Kubernetes Challenges—And How Diamanti Solves Them. 

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