Diamanti Upgrades Ultima Accelerator for Hybrid Deployment, Security, Cost Reduction

Enterprises can now achieve safer, more efficient performance on Kubernetes nodes. That’s thanks to the upgraded Ultima Accelerator, which offers improved security, performance, and scalability, Diamanti announced today.

Diamanti Ultima Accelerators enable screamingly-fast storage and networking performance for on-premises workloads at scale. By offloading storage and networking I/O traffic from the CPU, enterprise customers free up computer and memory resources and enable greater than 95% host utilization for their workloads.

Ultima’s enhanced High Availability now enables a simplified hybrid deployment model, reducing costs and complexity, and improving operational efficiency,” said Diamanti CEO Chris Hickey. “At the same time, Accelerator ensures that control plane cluster services are always available. Our team worked hard to make these improvements for our enterprise partners.”

“In this major release of Ultima Accelerator 3.4, we have introduced a software-only control-plane to deploy control planes independent of data center locations to improve robustness and High Availability ” said Diamanti CPO/CTO Jaganathan Jeyapaul (JJ).

Through reduced CPU usage on Kubernetes nodes and better data efficiency through thin provisioning and data footprint optimizations, customers who opt for Ultima Accelerators had already enjoyed transformative improvements. Now the experience is even smoother.

In addition to the improvements listed above, Ultima Accelerator OpenShift Edition customers can now upgrade OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS) for the latest security enhancements. Ultima Accelerator OpenShift now offers customers a simplified container package installation of Accelerator firmware on Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS. And platform engineers can enable Diamanti OCP Scheduler Pod in HA to mitigate disruption of pod scheduling in case of node failure.

“In this OCP release, Diamanti introduced secondary interface discoverability which allows programmatic access to Diamanti networking end-points in the OCP environments. Diamanti is the industry’s first to introduce this paradigm,” added Jaganathan Jeyapaul (JJ).

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Press release went out on the wire on Sep 26th to Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India and the U.K., in addition to the U.S.:

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