Diamanti releases Spektra™ Enterprise v3.4

Diamanti releases Spektra™ Enterprise v3.4 with new Application management features to its Kubernetes platform product line

Diamanti is a pioneer in solving the challenge of container-based applications running in hybrid cloud with the best management platform optimized for managing Kubernetes at any scale. Our Kubernetes management platform enables enterprises to break away from legacy infrastructure.
We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new version of our best-in-class management plane, Spektra™ Enterprise. Spektra Enterprise (Spektra) is a hybrid-cloud Kubernetes platform with a multi-cluster management plane, offering enterprises consistent cluster management across any Kubernetes cluster with a laser focus on security, and control of the cloud native applications deployed and managed by Spektra.
Spektra makes it easy to support multiple teams and projects across a hybrid environment on any conformant Kubernetes distribution.

What’s new in Spektra v3.4?  
Spektra v3.4 includes three features combined with rollup customer hotfixes and other security updates.
*Multi-Cluster Application Catalog.
*Attach to existing OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) clusters.
*Email alert notifications for critical Application tasks.

Lifecycle management of your applications made easy 
Spektra Enterprise allows multi-cluster application deployment using the application catalog. It is now easier for teams to create, deploy, and manage the lifecycle of applications within the Catalog.
Tenant users can create a centralized Application Catalog for its use in one project or across multiple projects, which offers the application team easy access to a stable and secured version of the application. This ensures for application teams a trusted version of applications for the deployment across Kubernetes clusters. The centralized Application Catalogs help operators and security engineers gain control over open-source components and versions deployed into production to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

Attach/Detach OpenShift Clusters
Spektra v3.4 offers support for native Diamanti Kubernetes clusters as well as other Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conformant Kubernetes clusters like OpenShift for a centralized control plane. Spektra v3.4 delivers consistent Kubernetes cluster on-premise and on multi-clouds.
Tenant administrators can add nodes, define storage classes, and perform other cluster management tasks as required. Tenants can deploy applications to OpenShift clusters using a single interface. This feature enhances the experience of centralized management and operations of Kubernetes in a unified management interface, thus solving operational challenges, such as cluster provisioning, and upgrades.

Email alert notifications
Spektra v3.4 enables Tenants to receive email notifications about critical application failures over actions like replication, migration, and disaster recovery. Tenants can now customize the configuration to receive notifications over two or more recipient email addresses.

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