Diamanti Hires 36 in 7 Months Since Appointment of Chris Hickey as CEO

Hybrid cloud Kubernetes innovator expands sales and engineering teams with top hires from Oracle, Hammerspace, and KWI

SAN JOSE — Jan 14, 2022 — Diamanti, the company that streamlines Kubernetes applications and data management for global enterprises, has been on a hiring spree, onboarding 36 people since CEO Chris Hickey took up his post in June. The hires center on sales and engineering as Diamanti aims to capitalize on massive growth in adoption of containerized applications and Kubernetes.

Among the recent hires are Jaganathan “JJ” Jeyapaul, CTO/EVP of Engineering; Mark Glasgow, SVP of worldwide sales; and Arnaldo Perez, CFO. JJ joins Diamanti from Oracle, where he transformed SaaS cloud lifecycle experience for 6,000 enterprises and SMBs, increasing scale and performance, and achieving security/compliance standards. Glasgow joins Diamanti after running worldwide enterprise sales for Micron Semiconductor, where he grew NAND storage sales that resulted in Micron going from last to first place in worldwide enterprise SSD market share. Perez steps into his third CFO role, having previously held that position at KWI and Teq.

“Diamanti is recruiting the top sales and development talent in cloud infrastructure to power our expansion and accelerated product roadmap,” Hickey said. “Diamanti is a product-led, tech-led organization, and with the most experienced sales and engineering leaders in the industry, we are well positioned to innovate and make the case for the most powerful Kubernetes management platform available.”

The aggressive expansion of Diamanti, which provides a Kubernetes platform that brings customers into the efficient and secure future of cloud infrastructure, is of apiece with skyrocketing demand. Gartner predicts that by the end of this year, 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications, which Kubernetes helps manage — a staggering rise from less than 30% just two years ago. Over that same timeframe, Kubernetes adoption is estimated to have risen 61%.

“Demand for Kubernetes is surging, but concerns about security and the technicalities of implementation are making many large enterprises wary of taking the leap into the future,” Glasgow said. “Diamanti is scaling up its sales and customer support teams to address precisely this challenge: capitalizing on existing demand and providing answers to tough questions by demonstrating the safety, power, and ease of use our team can bring to Kubernetes.”