Diamanti Expands Into Europe

The global community is currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic, and we wish all of our readers good health and wellness. At Diamanti, we are fortunate that we can work primarily remotely, so business continues to be operational as we support our customers on their application modernization journeys. Today, we share that Diamanti is officially expanding into Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to help leading global organizations accelerate their modern IT initiatives. With a new office in Amsterdam, Netherlands and a talented team of technology experts that come from various leading enterprise technology companies, we look forward to engaging with the EMEA community on innovative ways to accelerate Kubernetes adoption and deliver the highest performance to I/O-intensive applications.

River in Amsterdam

Our investment and growth in the region comes on the heels of our early success here with Intesa Sanpaolo – the leading bank in Italy – whom we have been working with since 2018. Diamanti is helping Intesa Sanpaolo on their digital transformation initiatives, focusing on the shift to containers, Kubernetes and microservices architecture.

Recent research from SumoLogic found that European organizations are in parity with the rest of the world when it comes to the adoption of Kubernetes, but there are more complex data privacy and data sovereignty regulations that change the way it is deployed and managed. For many organizations, that includes the desire to operate Kubernetes on-premises with enterprise-grade security and availability options.

Deploying infrastructure that is both cloud native and sustainable for production workloads does, however, present challenges. First and foremost whilst Kubernetes is becoming the new Linux, many organizations are held back by its complexity. The relationship between the infrastructure layer (networking and storage) presents challenges from both management and security perspectives. Several organizations adopt a Kubernetes strategy but have a hard time getting past development workloads and never make it to production. Secondly, the complexity of adding Kubernetes to a mainly virtualized world puts a lot of pressure on the infrastructure performance resulting in slow applications. In a real-time oriented world, this latency problem can have a sizeable impact, especially when it comes to providing insights.

The Diamanti Difference

Diamanti offers the industry’s only purpose-built Kubernetes platform, complete with integrated compute, networking and storage and our patented I/O acceleration technology to help companies accelerate their adoption of Kubernetes while delivering the performance and security you need for your production applications. Diamanti provides a one stop shop solution where customers can deploy container workloads in 15 minutes whilst getting support across the stack, including the Infrastructure and entire software stack. On top of that, Diamanti guarantees performance increases for multiple applications such as Databases (SQL/NoSQL), real time analytics (Elastic, Splunk), streaming platforms (Kafka) and AI/ML.

We look forward to sharing more about our innovative approach on April 8th at 11AM CET. Sign up here to register for the webinar.